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I lost my furbaby of 14 years unexpectedly one night. Gone, and we were all so completely heartbroken. Unbearable grief and loss was really consuming me.
I had an appointment with Dr Ann and I found it helped give me a sense of balance to my emotions.
I still grieve and shed a tear but it’s balanced with remembering the total love and joy and happiness that we had with him as well.
Dr Ann helped me be able to pass this on to my children in a small way too to help them to remember the good times and to cope with their sadness and their emotions.

- Sam


Thanks so much for your uplifting and empowering phone call.
During our conversation I felt a heaviness being lifted from my shoulders and an overall removal of negatively, and a feeling of immense happiness take it's place.
I literally felt like my very soul was bursting from my physical body.
Now, when I have feelings of negativity, I meditate using colours to lift my vibration.
Forever grateful in love and light.

- Lyn

With gratitude:
When my 13 yr old labrador Morri was dying, I asked Ann (my neighbour) to visit.
She came in and sat on the floor with Morri, wrapped him in her arms and whispered in his ear, "Morri, you're famous around here for being a beautiful soul."
Ann talked to me about being present for Morri and showed me how to do this, by example.
I had begun to feel overwhelmed and frustrated because he wouldn't let himself settle and I didn't know what to do for him for the best.
Ann said to let him do whatever he needs to. 
It was exactly what I needed to hear at that time and 4 hours later he died in my arms, peacefully with an injection. 
Ann's loving support for Morri and me meant that he could die the way he needed to and I was able to let him go gently and without regret.

- Pat Latter


- Honey & Jazzy

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